Glass bathroom is an almost indispensable product in today’s modern-oriented projects, with a variety of accessories as well as glass surfaces and colors, Viet Hong confidently provides many glass bathroom solutions for customers.

Viet Hong’s glass bathroom accessories include glass clamps, door hinges, wheels, hanging rails, handles… using 100% 304 stainless steel from famous brands: VVP, Keyen, Hiwin, Kinlong, Draho to ensure aesthetics as well as durability of the final product. For customers who need to use other product colors to match bathroom space, we can also provide PVD plating for stainless steel with basic colors such as: Gold – Rose Gold – Bronze – Champagne – Green – Black.

The colors and materials of glass used are also extremely diverse from transparent tempered glass, to frosted sandblasted glass, grey glass, dark blue glass, tea color glass, etc.

In addition, customers can also choose between rotating or sliding glass door system depending on the bathroom space as well as personal preferences.

We believe that with the quality of products and accessories used together with many years of experience in fabricating and installing glass shower walls for many projects, Viet Hong will bring satisfaction to customers!