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Viet Hong deploying 3 NEW PROJECTS in quarter II of 2023!

Vinhomes Grand Park District 9 – The Beverly subdivision

Following the first phase of the project when Viet Hong completed the aluminum and glass system for two apartment buildings S6.03 & S6.05, The Origami subdivision; Vingroup entrusts Viet Hong with new project packages of two high-class apartment buildings of The Beverly subdivision. With the most favorable location of the project; full view of 36HA park and unique design with many curved glass walls; The Beverly subdivision promises to be the focus of the Vinhomes Grand Park project.

Vinhomes Ocean Park 1 – The Pavilion subdivision 

Việt Hồng triển khai dự án mới

The Pavilion is developed according to the model of Vinhomes Sapphire +. This is one of the very unique apartment models; inheriting the outstanding advantages of both Vinhomes Sapphire and Vinhomes Ruby models. Viet Hong installed the sample floor starting from April 2023 and continued to complete the aluminum and glass system surrounding this 30-storey apartment block.

Vinhomes Ocean park 3 – The Crown

Nearly 200 5-storey semi-detached villas with modern design will be adorned by Viet Hong’s aluminum and glass system. Confidently stand side by side with Vinhomes investor to bring customers the best quality products.

VIET HONG deploying 3 new projects at the same time with a large volume of work and trust from investor, showing capability in designing, managing all the masterpieces from Vingroup.