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CHOOSING COLOR FOR ALUMINIUM DOOR & WINDOW is always a difficult question for investors, homeowners or architects for many reasons. In the article below; Viet Hong will send useful information in choosing the most optimal door color; meet the needs and preferences of customers.


Anodizing or Anode is a special surface treatment that uses a chemical reaction. This process involves the aluminum profile being degreased and cleaned before being immersed in a chemical bath. This is where the artificial oxidation takes place, creating small holes in the aluminum surface. The aluminum profile is then stained in a metal oxide bath. Finally, these openings are sealed in a special steam bath. To ensure the best quality; This specialized process is carried out according to the strict guidelines of the European Qualanod standard.

Because of the special nature of this process, the color and surface of aluminum anode are extremely special and have a certain gloss. The downside is that the surface is easily scratched and limited in color.



Powder coating is environmentally friendly, uses no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and requires less energy than many other surface treatments. Similar to anodizing, powder coating is highly resistant to UV radiation and protects against corrosion.

In the first step of powder coating process, aluminum is degreased and a protective layer is applied to the surface. Next, paint powder will be negatively charged to help them stick firmly to the aluminum surface. Finally, the aluminum profiles are passed through a heat furnace to polymerize the powder coating into a highly stable and scratch resistant finish.



AAMA 2603 (Qualicoat class I): More than 400 RAL colors available in 5 different finishes: Coatex Matte, Matt Matte, Satin Gloss, Super High gloss, Metallic.

See RAL color sample for more details or contact Viet Hong for actual color.

AAMA 2604 (Qualicoat class II): Available in multiple RAL colors; still includes standard colors such as AAMA 2603 and a range of imitation anode powder coating colors.

AAMA 2605 (Super Durable): Only seven standard colors are available including: Ral 7016; 7021; 7035; 9003; 9005; 9006; 9011



Depending on the needs of the customer; The installation location of the work where the powder coating layer will be warranted to different degrees.

Reynaers guarantees that the aluminum material treated by Reynaers will not have any flaking; blistering; corrosive; discoloration and/or loss of gloss beyond predefined tolerances (standards: AAMA 2603, 2604, 2605). This standard of warranty applies to both powder coating and anode.

If anodizing is used prior to powder coating, the warranty on corrosion can be limited to 15 years.
This warranty covers labor and material costs to repaint affected aluminum areas at the product installation site.

Reynaers offers a wide selection of standard colors in combination with different levels of corrosion protection for specific projects. Depending on the location of the project, the warranty conditions will be customized.



WHAT COLORS TO CHOOSE FOR ALUMINUM GLASS DOORS: For Reynaers aluminum system imported and distributed by Viet Hong in Vietnam market. Customers can choose from a wide range of paint colors:

Powder coating: more than 400 Ral colors and 5 different types of painted surfaces: Coatex Coated; Matte Matt; Satin Ball; Super Gloss High gloss; Metallic luster.
Anode: With 4 standard colors: Natural, Yellow, Copper Brown, Black

In addition, for aluminum there are insulation bridges; 2 different colors on the same aluminum bar can be applied to the inside & outside. Reasons to match interior wall paint colors; exterior or simply to meet the architect’s idea.

Not only that, the system of accessories such as handles; The hinges can also be painted in any Ral color or surface desired by the customer.


Aesthetics; Usability and performance should be the top concern when CHOOSING COLOR FOR ALUMINIUM DOOR & WINDOW. Please contact Viet Hong directly for advice and see actual aluminum color samples.

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